City of Espoo

Espoo comprises five city centres. We are responsible, humane and pioneering. Espoo is a good place for everybody to live, learn and work and for entrepreneurship. In Espoo, residents can truly have an influence.

Being a forerunner means broadmindedness, creativity, openness, challenging status quo and courage to seek out new ways.

Networks are important resources – the city is a facilitator

Our best resources are the residents, associations and companies. We develop our services with the residents in focus. We take part in networking as a facilitator.

One example of such a network is the Espoo Innovation Garden – a developing, diverse ecosystem. Members of the network are the city, companies, universities as well as residents. Together, we innovate new business operations and growth opportunities.

Residents can participate in the experiments

We promote participation on long-term, with new methods and new means. Residents in Espoo are happier with their city and opportunities to participate than residents in the largest cities in Finland on average.

We want to get even better. Among other things, the city is going to invest in participant development and agile experiments. In 2017, a group for development of Espoon keskus, one of the city centres in Espoo, was rewarded the Democracy Award by the Ministry of Justice.

Espoo develops sustainably with regard to welfare

Development in Espoo is socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. An international survey concluded that Espoo remains the most sustainable city in Europe.

We also devote to welfare. For example, child day care has been praised by the parents. It is important in a city where 20 percent of the inhabitants are under 15 years old.