Regional Council of Päijät-Häme

Regional Council of Päijät-Häme is one of the 19 Finnish Regional Councils. According to the Law of Regional Development Regional Councils are working for an integrative and persistent development of the region, being responsible for regional development and planning as well as for other tasks in the field. The Local Government Act, the Law of Regional Development (1135/93) and the Law of Regional Planning (132/99) form the basic tasks of the Regional Councils. The field of activities also consists of the regional lobbying and other voluntary tasks.

According to the Law of Regional Development the Regional Council is the center for the regional development. It promotes the interests of the regions, the interests of the municipalities, the inhabitants as well as the interests of trade and business. Numerous studies, plans and reports also form a part of the Regional Council´s work. The Regional Councils are the regional cooperation organisation for various regional actors.

The main objective of the Regional Council is independent and persistent development of the region according to the ecological aspects with the participation of all the regional managers. It strives to protect the natural resources, improve the living conditions of the population and ensure the structures necessary for economic development.

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