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Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council

A Futuremaker

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is a strategic planner and agile developer. Our main operational tasks are regional and land-use planning, as well as the promotion of local and regional interests. We articulate common regional needs, long term development goals and conditions for sustainable development.

Our Regional Council is a joint authority for Helsinki-Uusimaa with 26 member municipalities. Our decision-making processes are based on how the Finnish government operates on a local level. Our highest decision-making body is the Regional Assembly. The responsibility for the implementation of the decisions lies with the Regional Board. Our vision for 2029 is to be an unconventional world-class regional developer.

To be successful in what we do, we work in close cooperation with municipalities, the government, the business sector, universities and research institutions, as well as with civic organisations. International cooperation is increasingly important to us. We also support EU programs and develop various EU projects to achieve the region’s development goals.